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Principals of Shanghai Grand: David Jin// Robin Liu// James Zhang


David Jin,born in Shanghai, graduated from Oregon Sate University, USA with doctor’s degree of materials engineering. He has extensive experience in new energy materials and international solar power projects. He once worked as a developmental engineer in Applied Materials, USA and as a principal of technology in Amelio Solar, USA, and once was a member of United National Industrial Development Organization of Solar Power. Through years of hard work, he has successfully invented a way of extracting biological nano-silicon from rice husk which can be applied in Lithium battery and has received the patent certificate for invention granted by the National Bureau of Intellectual Property. He is taken as the main technical core of the enterprise undoubtedly.

Robin Liu, born in Shanghai. He has been engaged in integrated utilization and incineration of recycling industrial waste for about 30 years. He also has the experience of cooperating with the foreign companies. From 2013 to 2015, he served as the executive director and general manager of Jihui REMONDIS(shanghai) Environmental Protection & Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(Sino-Germany), specialized in regeneration utilization of the industrial solid waste and waste mineral oil, with the recycling treatment technique of industrial wastewater and the Soil bio-remediation.


James Zhang, graduated from University of Harbin for Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Japanese degree, specially focus on science and technology. Ha has accumulated lots of experience to cooperate with Japanese companies. From 1990 to 2003, he served as the director or manager of many Japanese companies and was responsible for import and export business, marketing and daily management, he once worked in Tokorozawa, Japan for 3 years. He founded a new company in Jiangsu, China since 2003 which mainly specialized in painting equipment.


Lisa Wang, born in Shanghai, graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology with a Bachelor of English degree, specially focus on international trade. She once served as a foreign trade clerk in Shanghai Shengda International Trading Co., Ltd. She has years of relevant experience in the import and export trade of China, familiar with the procedure of foreign trade, and has the ability to communicate with the international clients and provide them for technical support.